Problem Gambling and avoiding it

Gambling problems take many different shapes and forms, but whatever your gambling problem may be, there is no need to suffer in silence because help is available. There are several different trusted organisations and charities that offer support and guidance for those who feel as though they have some kind of gambling problem. An online gambling portal should also be seen to be actively promoting responsible gambling, so you should be able to find direct links to these charitable organisations when visiting any reputable gambling portal.

GamCare for example provides advice, support and general information to people who are suffering in any way from a gambling problem. Whether it is a friend or relative that you are concerned about, GamCare will always offer the best advice possible. You can contact a representative/counsellor/advisor by calling 0808 8020 133 (UK toll free only). There is also a forum and several chatrooms available where you can communicate with others who are facing similar difficulties.

One other well-known gateway which provides information about gambling and offers information on how to get relevant advice to treat certain gambling problems is Like GamCare, this organisation also raises funds (mainly through donations) to support problem gambling. Either of these two portals can be used as the first point of contact for problem gamblers. They can help you to manage your gambling, as well as recognise problems and then offer the appropriate counselling and support.

It is important that problem gamblers take that first step to seeking help, because denial that you even have a problem will get you nowhere. If you feel as though have an addictive personality, it would be wise to avoid gambling altogether, unless you can stick to a gambling budget that is. It is possible to set spending limits at most of today’s gambling portals, but this would be futile if you have no intention of sticking to the limits that you set.

It’s easier said than done to take more control over your gambling spending habits, which is why it is always better to search for outside help before your gambling problem spirals out of control and don’t forget you are not alone. Helplines are there for players and they are generally available 24/7, but some may have opening/closing times, so you would need to check this. If you have no intention of seeking help but you want to try and try and deal with the gambling problem in your own way, it could be a very difficult and lonely path to take on your own.