How to Bet on Sports

Placing a bet online today is quite straightforward. If you want to place a sports bet but you are not sure which event you would like to bet on, you can generally find a list of sports that are available, usually somewhere on the homepage. Most online sportsbooks also now provide live in-play betting services which means you can place a bet on an event as the action unfolds. If the event isn’t live, remember to check the start time because it could in fact be several days away.

Once you have decided on a sport/event that you would like to bet on, you will then be presented with a list of different ‘markets’ for that event. Each market is basically a unique bet for that particular event and therefore all sports will have completely different markets available for you to choose from. You could also keep an eye out for ‘Special Bets’ or ‘Popular Coupons’, because they sometimes offer some great betting combinations that could be worth putting your money on.

Don’t forget that most sites will allow you to change the price format, usually between Fractions, Decimals and American Odds, so choose the format that you feel most comfortable with. Betting online usually just involves checking or unchecking boxes and the selection that you make will appear in a virtual Bet Slip somewhere on the same page that you are making your picks from.

When you check your bet slip, you can then enter a price and you it should display your potential returns, without you having to work it out on a calculator. If you are happy with the bet, you can simply hit ‘Place Bet’ or ‘Confirm Bet’. Once you have placed a bet, you will receive some kind of onscreen confirmation notification. You can also visit the ‘My Account’ section at any time and view the bets that you have placed and you can also print them out if you want to.

Occasionally you might notice some strange terminology such as Accumulator, Singles, Doubles, Trebles, Five Folds, Six Folds, Superheinz, Trixie, Singlestakeabout etc. It would definitely be a good idea to learn these words at some point, but to begin with it’s not that important. To find out what these words mean, you could contact the support or even look for a help/glossary guide somewhere on the site.